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World Cancer Day

Run For a Cure Africa marked World Cancer Day 2018 at Keffi Market, Obalende, Lagos. Through a Nollywood style performance, RFCA brought awareness to the market audience. The audience was educated and entertained about the necessity of early detection and regular screenings.

RFCA Moving Forward

Run For a Cure Africa started nine years ago to provide free screenings. Now we are in four countries providing access to not only breast cancer screenings, but also diagnostics, and treatment. We still want to do more. Please watch and get involved.


Patient Navigation Program

Our patient navigator program (PNP) is the first of its kind in Lagos. The PN is the number one advocate of the patient and helps her navigate through the scary and sometimes unpredictable medical system in Nigeria, by breaking down barriers to accessing treatment. Click here to learn more or call our PN line at 0817 000 1235.


Since 2009, Run For a Cure Africa has been fighting breast cancer in Nigeria. Operating a nonprofit in one of the most dynamic countries in the world has not been easy but it's been worth it. The last year has presented its own set of challenges but because of our partnerships and a great deal of faith and dedication we are #stillherestillrunning. Read about some of our key partners.

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Our Vision

Turn the 90% breast cancer mortality rate into the 99% breast cancer survival rate.


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This can't be said enough. Breast cancer in African women is less prevalent but can be more aggressive when diagnosed. That is one of the reasons why early detection is so important. #knowthefacts #knowyourrisks #riseup #getscreened #acceptthechallenge #earlydetection #saveslives #africanconnection #africanwoman #challengeaccepted #checkyourbreast

Somolu did not disappoint. We had 600 participants come out to learn about breast cancer awareness and register to get screened for breast cancer. Well done Somolu. God willing, we will be back! #riseup #challengeaccepted #earlydetection #saveslives #mortalityratetosurvivalrate #educatescreentreat @generalelectric @knowyourlemons @runforacureghana

#unitedbytherisk The biggest risk factor in being diagnosed with breast cancer is simply being a woman. This disease is not a respector of person, religion, or social class. That is why RFCA is laser focused in providing #earlydetection to all women in West and Central Africa. Follow us to learn more about our #earlydetectioninitiative. #riseup #challengeaccepted #thetimeisnow #morethanarun #glovesareoff #whyrfca RunForaCure Africa Cameroon photocredit Run For a Cure Africa